This Ultomato™ system features three 5-foot sturdy stakes made of durable steel for reliable strength.

Gardener's Blue Ribbon® Ultomato™ Tomato Plant Cage

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Versatile, Sturdy Support

They start out small, but tomato plants can become large and unruly without a little guidance and direction. Provide that tomato plant the support it needs--throughout the life of the plant--with this Gardener's Blue Ribbon® Ultomato™ Tomato Plant Cage.

5-Foot Stakes

This Ultomato™ system features three 5-foot sturdy stakes made of durable steel for reliable strength. Unlike the silver color of traditional metal cages, the stakes feature a thick, heavy-duty plastic coating in a deep green, which allows them to blend in with surrounding plants and decor.
Snap-On Arms

In addition to the three stakes, this patented Ultomato system provides nine arms (in matching green) that easily snap securely onto the stakes to complete the framework of the cage. Place them at equal heights for a three-tiered effect, or stagger them for more of a spiral-staircase style. Not only do the arms allow you to place them exactly where you want, but you don't have to worry about them coming apart as with old standard metal cages. Placement of the arms can be fine-tuned as the plant grows. Add more over time or move a bottom arm further up as needed.

Sets up in Seconds

This Ultomato™ system takes minimal time and effort to set up--no tools needed. Build the plant cage around seedlings or a small starter plant so it's ready when the plant begins to grow. The cage can also be installed around an already-over-achieving plant, with minimal stress on the plant. Adding a traditional metal cage to a mature tomato plant requires pulling, bending, and maneuvering plant stems into place. This can cause plant breakage and fruit to fall off prematurely. This Ultomato™ system allows you to build the cage around the plant, offering the flexibility needed to add support without putting strain on the plant. Simply insert the stakes into the ground in a circle and at a distance equal to the length of the arms, attach the arms, and it's ready to go.

Versatile, Sturdy Support

The Ultomato™ system supports tomato plants and encourages them to grow vertically, so the fruit and leaves don't weigh down the stems. It also promotes air circulation through the plant and allows the foliage to naturally shade ripening fruit. The system's 5-foot height is capable of supporting most tomato plant varieties, while its durable plastic-coated metal design means long-lasting performance for several seasons. In addition to supporting growing tomato plants, this system can also be used to support other climbing fruits and vegetables like pole beans, cucumbers, grapes, and kiwi. Start with one plant cage and, if needed, add another cage (sold separately) right next to it, allowing the healthy, well-supported plant to grow right on through.

Accessories Available

If the tomato plant is still leaning a bit, Gardener's Blue Ribbon® offers a range of handy accessories (sold separately)--from sturdy stretch tie that moves, breathes, and stretches with the plant to a soft garden twine, which also allows the plant to move and grow without restriction. Just reach in, wrap the twine or stretch tie around the plant, make a simple knot, and attach the other end to the cage. There are also sturdy stake rings and regular and expandable stake arms for additional support.
Enjoy a successful gardening season--with baskets full of vine-ripened juicy red tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables--with help from this Ultomato™ tomato plant cage. After fall's last harvest, the convenient plant cage disassembles easily and stores compactly, so there's no bulky cage taking up space during the off-season.



  • Designed specifically for growing tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables
  • Strong steel core stakes
  • Tough, thick plastic coating
  • Convenient to store
  • Can be used for many growing seasons
  • Adjustable for support in entire life cycle
  • 9 snap-on arms
  • Sets up in seconds, easy to adjust


  • 3 5-ft heavy-duty sturdy stakes
  • 9 fully adjustable support clips


Tomato Cages for Your Vegetable Garden

Tomato cages not only support tomatoes and encourage them to grow but they allow them to develop naturally. Before purchasing tomato cages make sure they are designed so that plants will grow vertically without the fruit and leaves weighing down the stems. If tomato cages aren’t sturdy enough as the plant becomes more mature, the stems will be too heavy for the tomato cages. Also, strong winds can easily blow over flimsy tomato cages.

Most tomato cages you see in the store are made of a light wire - these may not be sturdy enough to provide the required support, and they only last one season. Instead look for tomato cages that are sturdy, made of a heavier metal and flexible enough to adjust to your plants growth.

Tomato cages should also be tall enough for plants to grow to full height – at least five feet or more for most varieties.

Tomato cages come in a variety of guises, not just wire, from homemade support systems using wood and twine to spiral designs. However, one of the best types of tomato cages to look for are the ones that are very sturdy, made of a heavy metal, ones that have the ability to grow with the plant, and ones that you can use for several seasons.

When you use tomato cages be careful to tie the plant correctly, otherwise you can damage the stems. Tomato cages allow air to circulate freely through the plants and the foliage naturally shades the fruit. Using soft garden twine or plastic ties with your tomato cages is a good idea.

Whether you are using plant stakes or tomato cages, hammer these into place when the seedlings are still small to avoid disturbing the roots later.


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