16 ft of soft-coated training wire

Gardener's Blue Ribbon® Heavy-duty Soft Wire Tie, 16 ft

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Secure and Train Your Plants

Secure and train your plants and vegetables with Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Heavy-duty Wire Tie. The wire, shielded with rubber-like plastic, can be cut to any length you need and bent it into any shape you want. After that, secure it with a few twists.
The rubber-like shielding is designed to keep the wire from damaging delicate plant stalks, stems and vines. Likewise it keeps heavy plants from coming into contact with the ground or collapsing during rough weather. In addition to support, this soft wire tie can easily be used to train growing vines.

The Heavy-duty Soft Wire Tie is 16 ft long, meaning you can get plenty of use from it throughout the growing season. The durable plastic finish allows for the wire to be removed and reused or adjusted throughout your gardens life cycle.



  • Flexible shielding protects vegetation from wire damage
  • Includes rubber coating
  • Green color camouflages the wire
  • Easy to cute to length
  • Ideal for tying plants, vines and vegetables


  • 1 roll of training wire


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