Protect young trees from bark damage

Gardener's Blue Ribbon® Fabric Sturdy Tree Wrap

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Protect Against Bark Damage

Immature trees often experience impaired growth from bark damage, which can also be deadly for a tree. Mower and trimmer impact is a leading cause of this damage, but factors outside of your control often lead to tree wounds. Animals and insects pose a threat, while sunlight can easily scald bark during winter months, so a layer of protection could be vital for the health of your trees. Use Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Tree Wrap on the base of young or thin-barked trees for an added layer of protection against bark damage.
Sturdy Tree Wrap comes in a 50 ft roll and is made out of a breathable, stretchable fabric to allow your trees to be freely exposed to air and grow normally throughout the season.

Wrap your tree to the desired height, typically knee level is adequate, then cut the Sturdy Tree Wrap with a utility knife or scissors.



  • Protect young trees from bark damage
  • Breathable fabric allows respiration
  • Tree wrap stretches to expand as tree grows
  • 50 ft roll, 8 inches wide
  • Wind around thin-barked trees for continuous protection
  • Weather resistant for high durability
  • Tuck end under previous layer to secure


  • 1 roll of tree wrap


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