CobraCo® Coco Liners are made from 100% natural coconut fiber and complement any basket or planter.

CobraCo® 22 Inch Replacement Coco Liners

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A Great Replacement for Worn-Out Liners

CobraCo® Coco Liners are made from 100% natural coconut fiber and complement any basket or planter. This particular coco liner is great for lining up to 16 inch decorative planters and baskets and makes a great replacement for worn-out liners! It comes in a plastic poly-bag which should be removed before using.
Coconut liners should be replaced every season to keep your plants and floral displays looking their best!
Made of 100% natural coconut fiber and needle punched for strength, this material is a perfect match for any planting or gardening project. CobraCo® Coco Liners retain moisture so there is less time spent watering.



  • Made from 100% natural coconut fiber
  • Great replacement for worn-out liners
  • Fits up to 16" decorative planters and baskets


  • 1 coco liner


Plant Liners for the Flower Boxes on Your Deck

Once you have finished decorating your deck with flower boxes, you will want to use planter liners to either protect the planters, to encourage healthy plant growth, or both. There are various types of planter liners available that are suitable for use in virtually every type of flower box, container or biodegradable coco planters.

Whether you have planted your own flower boxes or bought them ready-made, plastic planter liners or biodegradable coco planter liners will extend their life by preventing them from rotting. These planter liners are available preformed, or you can cut what you need from a large roll.

You can even use ordinary plastic saucer types as planter liners, but then you will need to allow for drainage, either by making holes in the planter liners. The best off-the-shelf planter liners include plastic or biodegradable coco planter liners, which provide some sort of drainage to prevent the plants from becoming waterlogged.

Innovative self-water, self-irrigating planter liners are a great time saver for busy people who either don’t have the time, or forget to water their plants, however can be quite costly. These plastic planter liners come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, usually with an insert that must be filled with water once every two or three weeks. These planter liners often take away the guesswork of how much water you need to give your plants because they monitor the moisture levels.

Suitable alternative types of planter liners are made from biodegradable coco fibers.  Coco planter liners are readily available, and they absorb moisture nicely helping to keep the plants in a healthy environment. Coco planter liners are also inexpensive and add a natural appeal to outdoor décor.

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