Portable, decorative plant stand perfect for any outdoor area.

CobraCo® 15 Inch Basic Plant Stand, Black

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Create A Lovely Welcoming Display for Your Dwelling

Portable, decorative plant stands perfect for any outdoor area. CobraCo® plant stands come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone! Take advantage of the various designs and colors these versatile stands have to offer.

Our CobraCo® 15 Inch Round Basic Plant Stand, features a decorative round top and three supportive legs.  This delightful plant table would enhance any patio, deck or garden year after year with its attractive black finish and charming design. Planter and flowers shown in planter are not included.

This product is also available in 21 inch and 30 inch sizes.



  • For displaying plants or flowers
  • Features three legs and a round top
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Vinyl-coated steel
  • Black finish


  • 1 planter


Plant Stand Tips

  1. A plant stand for any patio needs to be made from a material that will withstand outdoor conditions, even if the patio is covered, should be treated for rust by galvanizing, powder coating or painting.

  2. Another type of plant stand is often referred to as a basket stand, lined with biodegradable coco fiber. These are great for a natural look, but durable as well.

A plant stand is an ideal place to display variations of one sort of plant – an approach that works beautifully when decorating your patio. Examples include different colored petunias, or a collection of impatiens.

  4. A plant stand may be used to display interesting grasses and ornaments, not only plants.

  5. Use a plant stand at one end of the patio as a focal point.

  6. Floor planters are also a variation of a plant stand, only they are positioned closer to the floor.

  7. A decorative metal type of plant stand typically holds any size plant containers, or pots. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

  8. Specialty plant stand versions come in many shapes and sizes. Some examples include oblong shaped plant stand, a tiered plant stand that sits on the floor and extends upwards, and plant stand trees with arms that hold plant baskets.


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