Houseplant Gardening

Posted by Avant Garden Decor on Oct 12th 2017

Houseplant Gardening

Bring the Green Indoors

As the end of summer approaches many of us start to think about prepping our gardens for the cooler months ahead. But, some of us enjoy having plants in our living spaces year round. Houseplants are the perfect way to receive the benefits of fresh plants without having to combat the outdoor elements throughout harsher winter months.

Choose Suitable Plants

Your houseplant growing success is largely dependent upon this first step – choosing plants that are suitable for your home. Consider the light levels, humidity in your home, and average temperature of your indoor climate when picking out your plants. Also make sure that the plants are suitable for growing in a container. Garden plants that overwinter well include begonias, lemongrass, Christmas cactus, fuchsia, geraniums, abutilon, caladium, boxwood and myrtle, coleus, hot peppers, herbs, and tropical hibiscus.

Choose the Right Containers

Transplanting your chosen plants to their new home, containers or vessels, is easy to do. Choose containers that are large enough to accommodate the root system as well as have the proper draining capabilities. Once you have chosen your container, place the plant, along with soil, in the container to reside in your home.

Care For Your Plants

Surprisingly, watering your plants can often be their demise. Most plants do well with moist soil, not wet soil. Understand your plants needs before watering them by looking online or asking your local garden center. Keeping your home at a steady temperature will also benefit your plants. Keep your houseplants away from drafty areas like windows or doors with heavy traffic.

Like plants outdoors, your indoor plants will develop more complex root systems. With this you may have to repot your plants to a larger container to accommodate their growing roots. The general rule of thumb is to repot your plants every two years, but check them annually to make sure they have “room to grow.”

Proper care and attention to your houseplants will not only serve them well, but you too! Fresh oxygen and the ability to absorb carbon dioxide are just a few of the benefits offered by having plants in your home, as well as their beautiful leaves and blooms!