Decorating Small Spaces

Posted by Avant Garden Decor on Oct 16th 2017

Decorating Small Spaces

Not everyone has a large backyard, a place for a sprawling deck, patio, or room for a vegetable garden or flower beds. But that’s no reason to turn your back on outdoor gardening.

Use some greenery and your condo or apartment balcony, a smaller porch, deck or patio can be transformed into a lush garden, an outdoor retreat or a culinary resource.

Container planting of flowers and foliage in free-standing pots and planters or displayed on decorative plant stands can add color while bringing an extra dimension of design to your space.

With little space on the ground, think about hanging flower baskets overhead and planter boxes on the balcony railings. They occupy no floor space and yet add color and greenery. Seasonal perennial or annual flowers and foliage work well planted together to create a lush appearance. Choose flowers suited to the amount of sun or shade your space receives. For a look that’s light and natural in a small space, consider coco planters in open wire and metalwork designs rather than heavier pottery style containers.

Grow a few vegetables. There are many vegetables that will do well in a small outdoor space and not take up too much room. Tomatoes and peppers in containers are the most obvious, but there are fruits and vegetables available in patio-size variations, such as lemons and figs.

Plant some herbs. Add color to your small space, start a hobby or sharpen your taste for gourmet cooking with a small space herb garden. Herbs are easy to grow and especially suited to small space gardening. You can grow herbs in containers as ornamentals for decoration and display, as aromatics for their scent or as culinary seasonings for cooking.

Create a retreat. Use plants to create an outdoor private oasis. Place potted trees and plants in corners. Grow ivy, trailing and climbing plants along walls, rails and enclosures. Affix planters and horse trough planters filled with flowers, foliage and cascading plants along railings.

Look for modular vertical planting units consisting of stacked planter boxes filled with flowers and foliage that can be configured in height and width to screen your space for privacy.

Despite its size, a smaller space can still be lush and abundant with a wide variety of choices to suit your personal taste and design style.