Pennsylvania Farm Produce

Pennsylvania CSAs We Love

In our goal to find some of the best CSAs in the US, we’re exploring Pennsylvania this week! The Keystone State has a lot of CSA options, most including much more than fruit and vegetables. A lot of them also take “community” to heart, involving members in all aspects of the growing process, should they [...]

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Locally grown vegertables

6 Awesome CSAs in Washington

Community sustained agriculture (CSA) is a growing trend all across the United States. There are several ways CSA programs (also known as farm shares) can work, but they all boil down to the same principle, which you can read about here. The Northwest is full of people who love organic produce, so we’ve put together [...]

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The effects of gardening

GREEN GARDENING: The Effects of Gardening

What are the effects of gardening on both the environment and the gardeners? Let’s explore!

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create habitats in your garden

GREEN GARDENING: Create Habitats in Your Garden

Gardens are the perfect place to create habitats for animals, and with the help of a few trees, plants, and accessories, your property can become a safe haven!

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Recycling in everyday life is simple, but it’s even simpler in the garden through the practice of composting. Composting allows you to recycle waste and scraps to create a very robust fertilizer for your plants.

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Water Conservation

GREEN GARDENING: Water Conservation

Water conservation is key to preserving our natural resources while also providing your lawn and garden with the moisture it needs. wat

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Colony Collapse Disorder

GREEN GARDENING: Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and the success of the agricultural community, but Colony Collapse Disorder is creating problems for the bee population and our ecosystem.

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The leading non-profit agency supporting organic gardening product validation efforts is the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), which validates and promotes the use of certified organic products. These products are known as “OMRI Listed.”

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Zucchini Noodles via Nom Nom Paleo

ALL ABOUT SQUASH: Squash Recipes

You’ve got tons of squash on your hands. Now get it to the table with these awesome squash recipes!

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Squash Harvest

ALL ABOUT SQUASH: Harvesting Squash

Your squash plants are in the ground and are ready to grow! We’ve got tips for you to help keep your plants growing and and make your squash harvesting an abundant effort.

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